Burnt Shoe Trick Box


The “Burnt Shoe Trick Box” (formally known as Wiz Kote) has been improved and it’s ready to be shipped. It has taken me years to find a new manufacturer who would make the improvements and ship it in a timely manner.

It works just the original box including flashing lights, sound effects, smoke and a smoke alarm . BUT the big improvement is….it does not use real fire or real smoke.

No More live Fire or Real Smoke! (You no longer have to worry about a Fire Marshal.)

No More mis-fires with a flash pot.

All four doors are removable for storage and transporting.

Therefore avoiding any worry of a fire hazard.  AND you have full control of delivering the smoke into the box….you do NOT have to depend upon a battery powered ignition and a flash to ignite the smoke. No more mis fires and unplanned embarrassing moments.

You will also notice the box has simple look to it…painted with an enamel finish. Therefore you have the freedom to decorate your box to your taste. (Ideas and suggestions are offered on the instructional Web-page for the box.)

You may also noticed that we have used a simple pin hinge on the doors so you can remove them for storage and transporting the box.

The box includes a smoke alarm…but you will have to make your own burnt shoe. Instructions on how to make your own burnt shoe are available on the instructional Web-page. Access to the instructional Web-page will be given to you at the time of your purchase. This includes the links to four instructional videos explaining it’s operation, set-up and the performance of the Burnt Shoe Trick Box.

And you will have to order the fake smoke from the suggested suppliers. Details are available to you by request. The average cost per unit is $14.00. One unit will give you over 15 performances.

Notice these performances are done without an assistant. The shoe is controlled by you throughout the entire routine.

Burnt Shoe Trick Box Burnt Shoe Trick Box hinges

You will notice that this version has a simple paint job. I suggest you decorate your box to suit your taste. SEE BELOW and save $75.00.

$397.00 Plus shipping
(If you want to make a purchase, contact me directly so I can include shipping depending upon where you live. Send an email to stevehartspeaks@yahoo.com)

You can purchase the Burnt Shoe Trick Box without the box painted. Then you can paint and decorate it yourself and save $75.00. Your total would be $322.00 plus shipping.


Below are some photos of other boxes that were decorated by other magicians after they had made their purchase.

Bunrt Shoe Wolf 2      Burnt Shoe Tap   wiz kote wolf Wiz Kote 2


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2 thoughts on “Burnt Shoe Trick Box

  1. Hi Steve,
    I have the original Wiz Cote and would love to convert it to the smoke system you are using. Would you be willing to share with me the items I need to get and and description as to what you are using? Thank you, Dennis Labbe


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